Sensory Bath Sunday: Squeeze Colors

Sensory Bath: Squeeze Colors

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Every Sunday morning, I bathe the twins. Typically that’s my husband’s job, as I run around on weeknights and get jammies out and diapers ready. But on Sundays, we take our time for baths and make it fun. Being who I am, I decided it would be even more fun to introduce different sensory activities that the toddlers could do in the tub. It would change every week, but still be simple and cheap, as is my preference. 🙂 So, a few weeks ago we started “Sensory Bath Sundays”. Not every one requires a blog post, as our first bubble bath experience last week was a sensory activity in itself. This week’s, however, was super fun and easy. The twins really enjoyed it so we’ll be sure to do it again soon. We created water colors by squeezing!

Sensory Bath: Squeeze Colors

Long ago, I bought two restaurant-style squeeze bottles at Walmart for a dollar or two. I was glad they were clear (as some aren’t), so the twins could see what colors were inside. For this bath, I used blue and yellow food coloring mixed with water. As I’ve learned, don’t be afraid to use food coloring in the tub. It doesn’t stain in the slightest, even with the blue looking that vibrant. The twins got it all over themselves and again, no stains whatsoever.

Sensory Bath: Squeeze Colors

It took a while for the twins to understand what to do, even after I modeled it many times. The strength they needed in their hands to turn the bottle upside down and then squeeze it took some practice. Both toddlers were extremely engrossed in this activity, though only C really tried to copy me exactly, lifting the bottle up in the air, turning it over, and squeezing. She was more into this sensory activity than probably any other activity we’ve done.

Sensory Bath: Squeeze Colors

She did finally get the hang of it! B also loved this activity, though he mostly let the bottle fall to the side and watched as the drips crept out. They switched between yellow and blue multiple times, and soon enough, we had green water!

Sensory Bath: Squeeze Colors

It was neat to see how one side of the tub’s water with more blue would be a deeper shade of green, while the other side was a lighter hue with all the yellow pouring in. Next time, I’ll switch up the colors!

Sensory Bath: Squeeze Colors

Even as the water drained, the twins loved watching the colors run! I’m very glad we did this one – it couldn’t have been easier and touched upon a multitude of skills!

In this house, we are huge fans of cheap sensory activities. Here are just a few of the others we have done: The cheapest, simplest sensory bin ever, our first colored, scented rice bin, and simple snow ice cream!

As an FYI – I got this idea originally from an amazing sensory website, Growing a Jeweled Rose. She actually had her daughter spray the colored water with a spray bottle, which really soaked into the bubbles right away. Unfortunately, we didn’t have spray bottles, and with the squeeze bottles we used, the bubbles didn’t soak up much color. The water did though, so perhaps next time I’ll just skip the bubbles!


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