Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

We had ourselves a shaving cream weekend. On Day 1, we played with shaving cream on a cookie sheet as a sort of sensory bin. B wouldn’t touch it, C slathered it all over herself. I considered it a messy success.

On Day 2, I tried shaving cream again, but this time in the bath tub. Best. Decision. Ever. I did it as part of our weekly “Sensory Bath Sundays”. Basically, I’m in charge of Sunday morning baths and because we aren’t typically rushing, I like to do something fun in the tub. Last week, the twins thoroughly enjoyed using squeeze bottles to squirt different colors into their bubble bath. This week, I needed to use up that shaving cream can.

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Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

The ingredients to this DIY Bath Paint are unbelievably simple and cheap, which is how I like it: shaving cream and food coloring – the same as for our sensory bin. I’m loving the neon food coloring I found, and mixed up 3-5 drops of each color into about a cup of shaving cream. I spooned the mixtures into an old muffin tin. This prep took me about five minutes, because I made four colors.

Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

You know you’ve got a successful activity when both toddlers are happily occupied for a good half hour, and it would’ve been longer if I had made more colors. With their wide paintbrushes (similar to THESE), they scooped up the shaving cream and painted the shower walls with it. Again and again and again.

Eventually, C started putting her hands in it and (just like the previous day) started lathering it all over her arms.

Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

B still wouldn’t put his hands in the shaving cream but he was so content with this activity that he wasn’t paying enough attention to notice if he got it on him accidentally. He was on a mission to paint every inch of the shower wall.

Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

This simple recipe for bath paint may have just become my new favorite thing. Next time, I could mix up different colors and maybe even different sized brushes. Sure, the water turned a pretty dark and yucky color after a while, but I had to remind myself that it was soap. FYI – I know many children would happily paint the shower walls in an empty tub which might make for an even easier cleanup, but I knew my toddlers wouldn’t climb in unless there was water in there!

Sensory Bath Sunday: DIY Bath Paint

When they had scooped out every inch of paint from the muffin tin, I drained the tub and threw a few cups of water on the wall and we finished our bath. Not a single stain on skin or walls and C was upset it was over! We will absolutely be doing this one again – a huge success!



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