DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

I have mentioned before that I’ve always wanted to make the twins an alphabet they could hold onto and rearrange by themselves. My original idea, which I started when the babies were infants and I didn’t yet have a sewing machine, was to hand-sew felt letters filled with stuffing. I believe I made two letters before I quit – hand-sewing is just not worth it, and stuffing the letters was a giant pain. I shelved the project for quite a long time, not thinking much of it.

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DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

Recently, after finishing my last big project (the baby blanket bunnies), I scoured the internet looking for my next craft. I stumbled upon an amazing tutorial for making fabric letters. The blogger provided clear pictures and easy-to-follow directions, which seriously helped me in making these letters. I followed her craft to a “T”. After completion, I consider this project a great one for beginning sewers, as the stitches are straight and simple. While it took me a little time (a few nights worth), it wasn’t a massive undertaking by any means and I really enjoyed making them!

So here’s what I did. First, I gathered my materials.

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

Buying fabric is kind of addicting. (This fabric is super cute, and cheap!)  I only buy what’s on sale, and I purchased the three pieces on the left for under $4 total, for a half a yard each (which was way too much!). I purchased the two solid colors for like $1.50, as they were in the scraps pile. The fabrics on the right were leftovers from my buckle pillows. I had additional fabric donated from a few relatives. The only purchases I really made were the cotton batting and the fabric marker. The batting was $9 (find it HERE!), but I only used about 1/4 of it, and it’s some good quality stuff. I’ll be looking in the future for little projects I can use this with! In addition, the letters look the best when you use pinking shears, which if you don’t know (I didn’t!), they are special scissors that are fabulous for cutting fabric.  This pair is a great deal!

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

It’s really a straightforward project. I took a night just to cut – you need a top piece of patterned fabric, a bottom piece of solid color fabric, and two squares of cotton batting in the middle. I cut out the letters provided in the tutorial (so helpful!), traced them onto the fabric with a fabric marker, pinned my pieces together and started sewing!

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

Sewing along the lines was quite easy, as it’s straightforward. Cutting out the inside of a few shapes (A, B, P, D, etc) was slightly trickier and you need a pair of sharp, small scissors.

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

After the letters were sewn, I took my pinking shears and cut closely around the letters. The scissors added a nice touch! Here’s a finished letter:

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

I really like the way they came out! This craft could be tailored to boys or girls with various interests, as the fabrics you choose define the way the letters look in the end. I was going for a “nursery” type vibe with most of my colors, but the original tutorial provides a more classic look. The next morning after finishing the letters, I surprised the twins with a new present, and they took to the letters right away; picking them up, excitedly identifying them, and sorting them on a chair.

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters DIY: Simple Sew Fabric LettersThe basket of letters has now made its way into the playroom as a permanent fixture!

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

I got this craft idea out of my system now, but every few weeks I get the itch to start up a new project! I’ve already got my next one, and it’s long-term: FELT! More on that soon…

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46 thoughts on “DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

  1. randomsqueaks says:

    I’m dying to try this but we have to get through this bathroom remodel first. Did you only use cotton fabric? I’m sure I have enough flannel to do a whole set but I’ll probably end up buying new fabric because like you said, it’s fun! At least I already have the expensive pinking shears and fabric pen from other projects. 🙂

  2. JustHeather says:

    I love this!!! I would have to go dig my fabrics out of the storage shed…but I think it might be worth it. Paxlet is asking tons of “what letter does X start with?”

  3. Angel says:

    Any tips on how to do the curves? I struggled greatly on that part, other than that I had a blast making the letters. I even made some numbers.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’m not much of a sewer but I just would stop, spin the letter to where I wanted, and start again, stopping and spinning manually for each curve in each letter. It really didn’t take long! I love the number idea, I should’ve done that!

  4. Diane deMontalvo says:

    I inherited a set of cloth letters from one of my grand children for my great grand children. They were well used and some letters missing. Now I can fill in the missing letters and redo some that are a little ragged. Thanks for your post.

  5. Jackie says:

    Just made a set of these and they turned out great!! Now I need to make more so they can spell words with double letters. Great easy project for me, and educational and quiet toy for them. Thanks for the idea!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Hi! Yes, they can be for sure. You’d just simply hand-sew them. It will be a lot more time consuming, but if you weren’t in a rush to get this project done, you could leisurely hand-sew the letters in a few weeks time!

      • Serenity says:

        Love this post. I have yet to purchase a sewing machine but would like to make these by hand. How long do you think it would take? Does hand sewing require many classes upon classes? I think I remember to hand sew from when I was a child… was wondering if you have to be superb at hand sewing to make these. Also, would you be able to provide exact details of what kind of needle and thread would be perfect for this project, if hand sewn? Thanks in advance.

  6. mariecri says:

    Hi there, thank you so much for this cute pattern! I was wondering, did the letters fray with time? That’s what I’m worried about with this project… Thanks!!!

    • Kehly says:

      I found that mine started fraying almost immediately. I am currently going around the edges with a zig zag stitch as I don’t have a serger. Makes it look for finished also. I didn’t used pinking shears, just regular fabric scissors, I have a cleaner edge to work with. More work in the end but worth it!

  7. K Kelson says:

    So glad to purge my stash of scraps! Instead of cutting out all the paper letters, I used chalk paper and a pokey tracing wheel. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m giving these to my friend’s toddler when they’re done. I’m at “D”.

  8. Bette H says:

    I just finished a set of these for a little boys 1st birthday! They were a big hit! (Maybe too big, Ive had requests for more, lol) I had some Charm squares that I got on sale, so I used those and they worked really great and instead of the straight stitch and pinking shears, I used a zig-zag stitch, took a little longer to sew, but they turned out well! Fun project!

  9. Bette says:

    I made 2 sets of the letters as birthday gifts for 2 little one year olds. I used a zizgzag stitch instead of a straight stitch.
    The babies loved them!! They were fun to make and fun to give as gifts. Thanks for the tutorial and link to the letters!

  10. grammidavis says:

    I absolutely loved you idea here. I made letters of my grand daughter’s name using a different fabric for each letter of her name and instead of batting, I used fleece for the back (same color for all letters). They turned out so cute. Am looking for numbers but all the stencils are so big. Your letter size was perfect for little hands. Was wondering if you happen to know where I can get numbers?

  11. GrammieKay - Kay Day says:

    For Grammidavis: See the comment above by ROBIN E. AT ALL ABOUT LEARNING PRESS February 1, 2016 at 10:45 AM REPLY: “What a great blog post! You took our tutorial, and upped it showing all those little knit picky details like where to get the materials. Thanks!” Her website explains in detail how to make the letters and numbers templates. I made my templates out of card stock so I can use them over and over. I had extra fabric from a baby blanket I had made for my grandson and made the extra letters for his name with the backing from the extra fabric.
    My next project is to make extra letters so he can learn to spell simple words. Anyone have any idea how many of which letters I should make?

  12. Charlene O'Briant says:

    Going to a birthday party for a 1 year old . Going to make these and make numbers too. Never to young to start learning!
    Thank you for the idea . Great job !

  13. Inga says:

    Hello i love these and i make them quite often! I am trying to figure out what size and font the letter templates are? I am trying to have stencils made as the ones i have cut out have seen better days! Thank you and look forward to hearing back.

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