Sensory Bath Sunday: Learning About Weather!

Sensory Bath Sunday: Learning About Weather!

Another Sunday morning, another extra-long bath time! It’s the only time all week I am in charge of bathing the two wiggle worms, so I’ve been enjoying finding fun ways to incorporate some sensory play into it. The mess is contained and will wash right down the drain anyway!

Recently, the twins spent their Sunday baths exploring colors; both with squeeze bottles filled with food coloring and then shaving cream paint. Both of these baths were successful! This time, I incorporated an actual topic into the bath conversation – weather!

At 21 months, the twins don’t know much about weather. Thanks to our wonderful nanny who made awesome weather sensory bottles, they do understand “sun”, “rain”, “clouds”, “snow”, and “wind”. They are just beginning to apply this knowledge to the outside, like when there is snow on the ground or the wind blows their hair. That’s about it, though. So I found this amazing website, Bath Activities for Kids, which has some wonderful and creative activities for a bath tub. There I found the weather bath, which I thought would be perfect for the twins! We did make a few adjustments to her original, as we didn’t jump into the world of tornadoes and other experiments. 🙂 Maybe in a few years…

All I did to create our toddler weather bath was cut the sun, a cloud, raindrops, a lightning bolt, and a rainbow out of foam sheets I already had from the dollar store. Foam rocks because it sticks when wet, and then peels right off to be reused again and again. In addition to cutting out these weather patterns, I used food coloring to turn the bath water a bright blue and then used shaving cream to make some 3-D puffy clouds to float on the surface. The twins were very intrigued when they walked in and got right to exploring.

Sensory Bath Sunday: Learning About Weather!

We discussed what they saw on the wall, and I explained that the raindrops came from the clouds, but I suppose that’s a bit abstract at this point. 🙂 They loved identifying the colors, peeling off the foam and re-sticking it.

Sensory Bath Sunday: Learning About Weather!

B just loved taking down the sun! Then I got out the twins’ play strainer and demonstrated a nice, heavy rainfall. C was really into it and played with the strainer for a long time!

Sensory Bath Sunday: Learning About Weather!After we talked all about the weather, the twins enjoyed swirling the shaving cream clouds into the water and then watching it all go down the drain. Stain-free!

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