Simple Sight Word Valentines


I’ve had a lovely weekend with the twins. They’ve been in fantastic moods. They’ve been up for whatever I’ve wanted to do with them. And, their mealtime meltdowns have decreased significantly. I can’t believe it – in reflection, the majority of the issues we were having with both of them (but especially B) involved food. I’ve got a post coming soon on the changes I made this weekend and the impact it has had.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day coming in just a few weeks. As usual, any activities that I do with the twins needs to be cheap and easy. Sight word Valentines absolutely take the cake.

B and C know their letters and letter sounds, and they also know how to spell their names and those of their immediate family. I’ve been sort of stuck on what to do next with them. However, they love to learn (and soak up whatever I show them), so I thought we might try to learn a few sight words. I found a free heart template online to trace my hearts, grabbed some construction paper and a black sharpie – and that was it. Could not be easier.

When it was time to play the “heart word game”, I taped each heart to the floor in our hallway, and we went to town.


They just ate this game up. First, I asked them to stand on words they already knew how to spell (cat, dog, and stop). Then, I asked them to locate other words and step on them as fast as they could. I helped them sound out the letters and they were able to find all the words (with some help from each other).


B loved to hop from one heart to another.


Choices, choices!

Here are some other simple games we played with these hearts yesterday:

  1. Counting different colored hearts.
  2. Hopping to all hearts of one color.
  3. Identifying their favorite words and stepping on them.
  4. Giving hugs to their favorite hearts.
  5. Getting their baby dolls and finding their favorite words.
  6. Acting out what the words said (when possible).
  7. And of course, reading the words!


Hugs to their favorite words! B’s was RUN, C’s was STOP. We had fun acting those out!


B decided he loved ALL the white hearts, so each one needed a full body hug.


Mommy’s favorite word, appropriate for the day: SNOW. Perfect sized hearts for little toddler feet!


C demonstrated spelling practice!


I could’ve taken this picture of B today, because 24 hours later, he’s STILL running to his favorite heart and spelling the rest of them non-stop. He absolutely LOVED this activity.


Even the baby dolls got into the action.

So this activity was one where I thought, hmm, not sure how much the twins will get out of this. Perhaps it’ll be boring; it’s almost TOO simple! But no – it was perfect for them. I never even considered the different games we ended up playing, and even the next day, the hearts are being carted around the house, acted out, and spelled again and again. This free activity was a winner for sure!

Sidebar: I’m in the process of making a new blog. It’s not ready for viewing yet, but it’s a better site with more features, and it will allow me to take this hobby to the next level. At this point, I’ll be blogging here and copying the posts to the new blog. I’m also going back through my multiple years’ worth of posts on this blog and plan to copy many of them over as well. It’s a long process but it’ll all be worth it. I’ll let you know much more about it (as my Facebook page and Pinterest will be changing names, too!) as it gets closer! 


3 thoughts on “Simple Sight Word Valentines

  1. Amber says:

    You’re twinnies are so smart! I’ve been impressed that my 3.5 year olds know most letters and sounds, but goodness your pair is into sight words. Way to go!

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