What’s Here?

Wow – what a journey this blog has been on. It was started in 2011, while I dreamed of getting pregnant with ease. Then, through subsequent health issues and infertility treatments (covering the gamut of Clomid to IVF), I used this space as a refuge; a way to connect with others going through the same thing.

After getting pregnant with twins and suffering through the challenges of a bedrest pregnancy, my husband and I ecstatically welcomed our two little champs B & C into the world in July of 2013. The blog was reborn.

Surviving the first year with a newborn is quite a feat and with twins, it’s no joke. In this blog you’ll find posts about sleep schedules, diapering, feeding and the like. But as my twins turned into toddlers, I embarked on my newest passion: DIY homemade activities and toys.

Here, you’ll find a little bit of everything, from infertility treatments to pregnancy to life with twins and sensory activities. It’s all here!


7 thoughts on “What’s Here?

  1. Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse says:

    Hi Megan! I just found your blog and am very interested in your posts on the thyroid issues … I too have hypothyroidism (possibly due to Hashimoto’s – I really need to confirm this) and my thyroid was slightly out of whack when I had a miscarriage in January. I’m currently following up on the potential connection between thyroid and fertility. Anyway, happy ICLWing, and I will be following your journey with hope that you soon arrive where you would like to be!

  2. Kristin says:

    I have read your blog since it came up in a search for autoimmune swelling and infertility. I have been TTC for 5 years and after my last failed IVF cycle, the swelling started. Prior to that, we never explored autoimmune issues since blood tests never indicated any problems. I have now had the “autoimmune urticaria and angioedema” for over a year. However, I never get hives just the deep swelling under the skin and my eyes, lips, hands and feet are the affected areas. Recently, I went through a donor cycle which also ended up with a negative HCG. My question is whether you ever found out what caused the swelling and how you are treating it? Also, what did you do to address the swelling during your IVF cycle? This last round, I was treated with intralipids, prednisone, blood thinners and baby aspirin. I changed my diet completely and for months the swellings have been under control but will still get a small flare up 1-2 days before my period.

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