Going home!!

Thank you everyone for the nice comments! I’m so excited to be going home I can’t even tell you. Obviously I would have stayed if that’s what needed to happen but my husband wouldn’t be able to stay and it would just really suck.

Long story short – the magnesium sulfate did work. I have had some contractions today but they are not regular and don’t hurt. In other words, normal. And because of that, combined with the fact that there is currently nothing else wrong – no ruptured membranes, leakage, blood, etc. there’s no reason to keep me here. Thank goodness.

So I’m to continue bed rest at home and keep monitoring like I have been. If I have another day like Friday, I go back in. They would try the Procardia and if that worked they’d send me home with it. But I wouldn’t be on the mag drip again, at least not for long at all.

I wish I was going home with Procardia, as it does make me a little nervous to have nothing, but they would want to see if it even helps first. So if I do have to go back in, I can plan on another night or two.

Right now I’m totally disgusting and really, really appreciative of my amazing husband who has stayed with me since Friday night. I want a shower, new clothes, tasty food and my dogs. I’ll keep that pad of paper handy and keep writing those contractions down.

And I’ve hit 29 weeks today 🙂


Live from my first trip to labor and delivery

The blog is always the easiest way to update people on the current happenings inside my uterus. Here’s the short version :

On Thursday I couldn’t get comfortable. My lower back was hurting and I couldn’t figure out a position that helped. I figured being reclined on the couch for 5 weeks will do that. I also had some cramping in the morning, like a dull period cramp, but constipation causes that so I let that one go too.

On Friday I started writing down my contractions. They had been so few the previous couple days that I stopped keeping track. This day, I did. I wrote down somewhere between 30-40. They didn’t feel any different than they normally do, but were occurring around the clock, as opposed to the 3 in an hour and then none for two hours kind of pattern I had been following. However, they weren’t occurring completely regularly. They’d be 6 minutes apart, then 13, then 5, then 20. That sort of thing. Still, they didn’t let up even after I chugged a gallon of water by lunch. So, I called the OB (like 3 times – had another yeast infection as well) and in the end, she said it sounded normal and not to worry but if I really wanted to go to the hospital I could. I could not make a decision, but I kept thinking that though it might be normal, it wasn’t normal for me. I never had a day like this.

So after my husband came home from work, we went to l and d. Stopped at Wendy’s on the way too haha. After getting hooked up and checked, I was actually apparently contracting every 3 minutes. I also got my first dilation check – 2-3 cm. However, since that was my first check ever, there’s no way to know how long it had been that way. I also got the fetal fibronectin test (or something like that). Basically, if it comes back positive, you have like a 26% chance of giving birth in the next few weeks (please feel free to correct my numbers, I think it’s somewhere around there), and if it comes back negative, it’s like a 97% chance that you won’t. So the negative result is more of a sure thing while the positive is not. People have gotten a positive and carried far beyond a few weeks. My test came back positive.

I was admitted, and now it’s Sunday and I’m still here. I was put on magnesium sulfate (look up the side effects on google, not pretty). It’s like the drug you dread, but it’s the best one out there. Doctors don’t usually keep you on it more than a few days because of the side effects to the mother. I’ve been on it since Friday around 8pm and in 15 mins (noon) I will be done with it. You can’t eat or drink (besides sips of water and ice chips) while you’re on it so I’ll be looking forward to some jello quite soon.

The mag drip has helped. At this point, at the end of its course, my contractions are more like 20 minutes apart and hurt less than they did yesterday for sure. So the plan right now is this: after coming off the mag drip, I will be watched for 4 hours. Most likely, I’ll continue to have contractions but hopefully they won’t increase much from where I am now. I’ll be put on a last ditch effort drug (procardia), will maybe go home or maybe stay here, and if that fails and contractions increase, there’s nothing else they can do. I’ll be 29 weeks tomorrow.

I’m definitely nervous but the hospital is the right place to be right now.

28 weeks and third trimester

Yay! A milestone I’ve been waiting to reach for quite a while.

We met a new doctor a few days ago and he was my favorite thus far. Aside from picking on my husband for his taste in Boston sports (the doctor was clearly an Italian New Yorker) and his bluntness (he dropped a few swears which I found endearing), he was extremely supportive and helpful, and at this point, I can’t get enough of that.

He basically told me that instead of thinking of due dates, I just need to focus on the milestones. He then proceeded to tell me all the milestones I’ve already reached. Got through the first trimester, got to 18 weeks and could see all body parts were accounted for (okay, that happened at 20 weeks but close enough), got to 24 weeks which is “viability” – giving a baby a 50/50 chance of survival, and now, today, I’m at 28 weeks, giving a baby a 90% chance of survival – which, in my head, I’m rounding up to 100%, otherwise I’d go crazy. He told me I’ve done a great job so far and was impressed at what I’ve interpreted bed rest to mean. He then told me what every other doctor feels the need to say – “there are no scientific studies showing bed rest actually works”, but he said there aren’t other options at this point, so I might as well. After he left, the nurse and I agreed that bed rest for a short cervix just makes sense, as the pressure down there with twins walking around is just a bad idea. She had twins as well, was on bed rest and made it full term. Granted, she had medication for contractions and I don’t, but that still could happen. And as usual, babies looked great. I’ve been very lucky that all my pregnancy issues have been about me and not them. They grew a lot in a month – Bug is 2 lbs 10 oz and Goat is 2 lbs 9 oz. Practically the same size, not that it would be a big deal if they weren’t. But over 2.5 lbs each! I’m carrying around over 5 lbs of kids! At this point, Bug is head down (he is Baby A) and has been the whole time, while Goat has flipped a few times and is again breech, with her head firmly planted in my ribs, way to the side. There are too many other issues for me to care. If the doctor isn’t concerned, then I’m not either. So the doctor’s next goal was 31/32 weeks, but mine is 30. 30 is huge to me – two more weeks!

The doctor was also very clear about contractions, which I know I’ve been talking a lot about. First of all, he called me “thin” (and the nurse called me “tiny”), poked me in the stomach and said, “There’s your uterus. There isn’t any fat or anything extra, so therefore, you’re going to feel every little thing.” This makes sense to me, though I have to say – never in my life have I been “tiny” or even “thin”. I was born over 9 lbs and have mostly maintained an average build with lots of playing sports until my thyroid problems hit and I gained 15 pounds. I would really like to hear those words when I’m not pregnant, not when I’m having twins! But anyway.

I have contractions all the time. Many a day. Sometimes the constant movement going on inside my stomach causes them, sometimes rolling over in bed causes them, sometimes having a conversation causes them. Sometimes they come for no reason. They have increased in discomfort and amount over the last few weeks. However, the doctor said this is all fine and can happen “until the cows come home” and I won’t go into labor – unless they are at regular intervals, last a longer amount of time each, and become more and more painful. I am to watch for frequency, duration, and pain. As long as those things aren’t present, I can have these all day. That did make me feel a lot better but I still aim not to have them if I can help it. They really are uncomfortable. Luckily, they are not regular. I could have two in an hour and then not another one for three hours. That isn’t labor.

So I’m cruising along. I really don’t mind bed rest – somehow the hours just pass. What I mind is the worrying, of course, and I really wish I could help my husband, go to a store, bend over with ease, (I guess that’s not related to bed rest), and have the two baby showers I was supposed to have. Now I’m having none, except for some sort of party after the babies are here, and I’m just hoping people don’t forget, as I was hoping to get lots of clothes and diapers and not have to buy them for a while. Now that I won’t being seeing all these people, I’m a little worried that won’t happen and I won’t have any clothes for the babies! Plus they were the only showers I will ever have! Oh well.

Nothing in this journey has gone according to plan. Oh, stop planning things out, someone might say, but then they went ahead and had sex and created a baby. So in my mind, they don’t really get an opinion and I don’t want to be patronized anyway. I’m just saying – from the two years spent trying to get pregnant, and all the ups and downs that came from many a failed cycle and many fertility treatments, shots to the stomach and butt, driving to the office at 6 am, etc., to the lack of ease that has come with this pregnancy – I thought/hoped I’d love every minute of being pregnant and I don’t. I think I loved about 4 weeks of it, in between constant severe nausea and bed rest. It doesn’t mean I’d wouldn’t do it all again in order to have my first children, or that this isn’t the most important, awesome thing that’s ever happened to me – I’m simply stating that I wish I had what so many others have – sex, to make a baby, a breezy, uncomplicated pregnancy, with a normal shower and an easy birth. Still don’t know how that last part will turn out but as long as they get here healthy, I’m prepared to go through whatever’s necessary. I’m just saying, it would’ve been nice. That’s all.