A Typical Meal

The twins are making some progress, finally! We’re still not quite there, but they are on the cusp of some very exciting milestones – what looks like walking for B and crawling for C, and a much deeper understanding for both of them. I love reading all the other twin blog updates, so I’ll have my own shortly. Tonight though, it’s all about mealtime.

Right now, mealtimes are one of my least favorite parts of the day with the babies. C has figured out how to feed herself (yay!) but B is a NIGHTMARE, both because he’s restrained in straps that he hates and because he’s constantly starving and I can’t feed him fast enough. This is typical B during meals:


This is how it goes, three times a day:

B screams when I strap him in. If I can’t get his milk heated up fast enough (i.e. any amount of time period) he screams while that’s happening. I do try to heat it up beforehand but it doesn’t always happen. I give him the cup; I have to hold it for him. He drinks the 8 ounces in less than a minute, sometimes in about 30 seconds. He doesn’t stop to breathe and screams when I take it out of his mouth for a second to catch his breath. When the straw has sucked up the last drop, he screams. I one-hand grab his straw cup of water, to hold him over while I’m feeding C with my other hand. He takes a few sips and realizes it isn’t milk. He calms for about 30 seconds.

B starts screaming again, because he wants his solids. Sometimes I manage to give him some, but otherwise I give him a toy. He throws it, and proceeds to scream. Once C is done with her bottle that I have to hold, which takes her 5,000 years to drink, I put their solids on their tray. B will eat anything and everything, as long as it’s edible. And maybe even if it’s not. He doesn’t dislike any food, though he doesn’t show a preference for anything either. Today, and many days, I put peas, cut up string cheese, and black beans on their trays. C happily puts one piece in her mouth at a time and she’s gotten very good at this over the past week. I shove food in B’s screaming mouth. He immediately calms and hums to himself, happy as a little clam.

But then B swallows and I’m not quick enough, and he screams again. I put more pieces in his mouth, off of his tray. He plays with his food, but he shows as much interest in feeding himself the solids as he does his straw cup of milk – none. He screams in between bites, but laughs and giggles while actually eating. When he’s finally full, he calms for a few minutes.

Then, when he realizes he’s still strapped in his chair, he screams again, until I take him out. Sigh.

Who ever said “it gets easier” with twins? And why can’t my babies hold their own bottles/cups?

And I’m seriously hoping that this isn’t B’s true, extremely demanding personality. He was the EASIEST, calmest baby and now he is so challenging. I just hope this has something to do with the milestones he’s near to reaching and not a sign of the next 18 years of our lives.

*C has found a regular sippy cup with handles that she likes and she drinks water from it. She even tilts it back, so that’s great. Problem is, she won’t drink milk out of it, so meals are out of the question. Only water.

After the scream fest, snuggles with his sister:



More on the good stuff soon!


A Day in Spaghetti

To continue our sensory play this week, I decided to try an activity with cooked spaghetti. Yes, some might think that’s absolutely nuts, but I’m all about using the senses to discover things in our everyday world. To me, cooked spaghetti was along the same line as a rice table, or dried bean activity…except this was cooked.  I did not make this up, either. There are a million blogs dedicated to toys and play for babies and toddlers. Here were a few places I found inspiration using cooked spaghetti: Here and here. I love the brightly colored rainbow pasta, and I can see how awesome this activity would be for toddlers identifying colors and textures and all that. For my 10 month olds, I used this as my basis when making this activity happen.

I didn’t want there to be too much dye in my pasta, as my babies are still in the stage where everything goes in the mouth. I know it’s called “food coloring” for a reason, but I wanted to limit the amount they may digest. I liked how Bean (in the last link) played with pasta that had a hint of raspberries, to engage the taste and smell senses. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the blueberries I might’ve used (which probably saved me a onesie or two), but I did have some already cut watermelon. So I purchased a box of spaghetti from the dollar store, cooked it up and as it cooled, added a little olive oil to keep it from sticking. I used too much oil. Sticking was not an issue. So for anyone that tries this, just a little oil will work . 🙂

Then I dumped the juice from the cut watermelon and also chopped up a few pieces just in case the babies wanted to taste the chunks (they love watermelon at the moment). It didn’t really make the pasta smell much, so if I did this again, I’d 1) cut back on the oil and 2) skip the fruit. Plain, white pasta would’ve been just fine! I also made this the night before and it was cool when I put it out for them.

It was a beautiful day out so I considered doing the activity outside, but didn’t want to deal with the bugs. Instead, I put down a clean shower liner on the kitchen floor for easy clean-up, plunked the babies down with a bucket of pasta and let them go to town. And this is what happened:

Tentative at first, they each put a hand in and didn’t really explore too much.





It didn’t take B long at all to try a taste, though for the most part I don’t believe C ever did. (This might have something to do with the fact that they still don’t feed themselves their finger foods…)



And once he tried it, he liked it. Clearly.






Yes, somewhere in there B had a mini-meltdown over his bib so I decided the shirt would just be destroyed and so be it – thankfully, it’s totally fine!

C continued to just feel it with her hands, while some fell on her leg.


One of my dogs, Riley, was having a field day with all the food on the ground and even though I tried to contain her tongue, she slipped a few licks and slurps in.



They were having a grand time, with C concentrating pretty hard and B just going crazy with delight.





Then he lifted up the bucket and I knew this activity would end soon. Thanks to the handy shower liner, I just let him go for it.





Nothing is a mess until you have a box of slimy, cooked pasta on your floor. They weren’t even interested in playing around in it. So after a minute I decided it was time to clean up before the shower liner didn’t do its job anymore and I just grabbed the pasta with my hands and put it back in the fridge, in case we do a repeat in the next few days. While I was cleaning up, I gave them two clean buckets, and I think they would’ve been fine with just those to begin with.


They slid on the floor so well! Maybe from the oil, maybe not..





They got up close and personal to finish up.



And then this happened:


Resulting in C falling backwards, C screaming, causing B to scream, and that was officially the end of the activity.

Clean-up is a hose to the shower liner (or just throw it out), a wash of the buckets, hands and legs, and that’s it. No pasta on the floor, just some dirty buckets.

Would I do it again? Yes…but I might wait a few months until I think the babies will get even more out of it. I mean, if I’m going to give them a messy activity, I want them to get messy. Step in it, feel it between the toes, that sort of thing. C sitting there picking up one strand at a time…very cute, easy clean-up. But next time I’ll take it outside, maybe color it, maybe not, and again, go easy on the oil.

I still do love these sensory activities and am on the hunt for more, especially for babies. Yogurt as finger paint? I’ll think about it.

Almost there!

It feels like the babies are on the brink of some major milestones. I’m reminded why I need to really enjoy the baby phase (like Muppet’s mom discusses) and so I do try to keep that in mind. I have loved the snuggles, the baby smell, the tiny toes. Yet for me, I love how C deliberately puts her head on my chest and wraps her arms around my neck, whereas when she was an infant, she couldn’t do that. And sure baby skin was even softer and smelled even better when my twins were newborns, but now they laugh and when I say, “Where are the doggies?”, they whip their heads around trying to find a dog and grin. That level of understanding, for me, is where it’s at. And so I feel like with this new understanding taking place between myself and them, they’re getting close to making some serious discoveries.

Foods – Recently I recall not yet making that leap to finger foods and wondering how to go about it when the babies loved their purees so much. Well, C suddenly decided she wouldn’t touch another puree and happily went right to finger foods, no “thicker textures” necessary. I was making my own purees, so they were on the thicker side to begin with, but I never put chunks in them. Now she loves mushy finger foods especially, as most babies do I assume. I’m starting to push the envelope by adding new things with different textures little by little. Chicken is the most recent addition. C is finally starting to try feeding herself. She keeps missing her mouth, or her hand will make it to her mouth but the food will fall. But I’m pleased she continues to try. B – not so much, but then, he was content with purees as well. He’s content to be fed by me, period. He’s made the switch to the straw cup, but won’t hold it himself. C is working on a regular sippy cup with handles – she does drink water from it well, by herself. Thank goodness. But when I put the milk in it and have her attempt it at mealtime – no way. She still wants me to feed her the bottle.

I’m at a bit of a loss right now for new foods to give them that don’t involve a spoon. We still have some protein sources to go, some veggies to go, but if it involves a spoon, they’re out for the time being.

As for movement, again, C is making some major leaps right now. She’s still not crawling but she’s really, really close. Finally – one day about a week ago she decided to roll, at 10.5 months. And roll she does. Rolling even onto her stomach to sleep for naps, which for her is unheard of. Flopping all over the living room floor. Wanting to pull up on things. So, she’s getting there. As for B – when I hear people say, “My baby skipped crawling and went right to walking. He/she only scooted around/army crawled.”, I’m confused because to me – any movement in which child gets from point A to point B I consider crawling, even if it doesn’t look exactly right. So my question is, can a baby COMPLETELY skip crawling/scooting/sliding/army crawling and go straight to walking? Because that’s what B wants to do. He is only happy when standing, he is pulling up more and more, and he’s using my hand to turn himself around (while standing) and take steps toward something he wants. We’ll see. Sometime soon, all these changes will take place. And I’m not RUSHING it…but at the same time, I want these things to happen. B is 3 pounds away from maxing out the weight on my changing table – the boy needs to move on his own. This mommy is ready.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve come across some fun little activities for babies in the summer months. As usual, my babies get sick of their toys (or is it just me?) and I try to only bust them out once or twice a day. The rest of the day, for my own sanity, needs to be something different. So this week I’m trying out a few new (but yet so uncomplicated) sensory activities to keep them interested and curious and keep myself from falling asleep on the floor.

So with today’s hot and sticky weather, we had some good fun splashing around outside with some dollar store bins and colored ice cubes.


It started out all nice, with the babies happily splashing while wearing their hats. Until they realized they were wearing hats (hence the tie in C’s mouth). Then there were double meltdowns, and the options for me were to either end the activity or go without hats. So with sunscreen slathered on, the play continued.


I found it interesting that B was all into the water today, while C quickly took her bin and dumped the water out, turning it into a drum.


After that became boring, I brought out the colored ice cubes which happily did not stain any clothing (though they wore some PJ extras just in case). This was a fun fine motor activity and B especially loved it.






I dumped out the bin after a while and got him some fresh water and ice cubes, making the water really cold, but he didn’t seem to mind.


C decided to use her bin to try and stand, all the while leaning forward to eat kiss her brother. She doesn’t get that her open mouth means nothing to B, except to maybe smack her with his hand.



Luckily, the twins like water. This wasn’t our first mini-water activity. In fact, a few days ago after breakfast I kept them in their high chairs and poured some warm water on top of their high chairs, threw a towel down on the floor and let them splash away. I also added a drop of food coloring. That day, C was into it but B less so.





These little activities remind me of teaching, a lost art that I will be returning to in a few months. Planning an activity, getting the supplies, and executing it. And I like that – it makes the day exciting knowing that I have something planned for the twins to do. On the list for the rest of the week: sensory bags, spaghetti play, and a yogurt/food coloring snack/play…thing. I could never come up with some of these things myself. Thanks, Pinterest.


Today was just one of those absolutely mentally exhausting days.

But it’s not as if every day is all sunshine and rainbows and then today hit like a supercell thunderstorm – no, the babies must be in a wonder month week or something because it’s been a nice gradual buildup to insanity. Right now it mostly resides with B. He’s SO unbelievably fussy. And by fussy, I mean angry. There’s nothing that he wants, or if there is, I can’t figure it out (other than the remote, my cell phone, the dog bone, his sister’s face, anything he can’t have). He is no longer content to sit. I knew this day would come, as both babies sat for months all nicely and whatnot, but now that they both want to crawl, they don’t want to sit. But they can’t crawl, not yet. And so for B – he’s just so frustrated with his little life. He doesn’t want to be held, but he doesn’t want to sit, practice tummy time, stand, jump – honestly, there’s no telling what he wants. If his sister has a toy he wants and he can’t get it, he smacks his sister in the face repeatedly. (What’s with that??) And every day, I try to get the babies out of the house or do something different, just to appease him and change up the day.

Today just wasn’t one of those days. After he woke up from his second nap (albeit a little early) he did nothing but scream for the next hour, at least. Finally I just decided to feed him early to calm him down, but he was still in hysterics while chugging his milk through his straw cup, subsequently choking, gasping, and projectile spitting it all over himself and me. C decided to join the scream fest when I ripped her out of her crib and ran down the stairs without giving her time to kind of adjust post-nap, because I had to return to the screaming child. And then, giving her no attention, I plunked her down to sit for a while as I worked on B and finally, she had enough of being forgotten. Cue tears. Sad, crocodile tears. I imagine she was wailing, “You forgot meeeeeeee”. I didn’t. I kept thanking her for being so patient and swore it would be her turn soon but for some reason, I don’t think she understood.

I say this must be a wonder week because both of them cry in hysterics multiple times a day. More B than C – he is guaranteed a massive meltdown every single time I 1) change his diaper, 2) put him in the stroller, 3) put him in the high chair, 4) put on his PJs, and 5) put him down for a nap. Let’s say on a daily basis he goes through around 5-7 diapers, 2 walks in the stroller, 3 times in the high chair, plus one PJ routine and two naps. So that’s – 13-15 meltdowns a DAY for Mr. B. The pattern here is laying him down flat and restraining him with straps. Nope, he does not like those things. Thankfully, C is less meltdown-prone but she tends to fuss more often.

And it’s days like these that kind of, sort of, make me want to go back to work. It’s not that I don’t WANT to be with my children (cue guilt for even having to write that), and it’s not like I’m DYING to be at my job (no offense, colleagues) – but going to work would force me out of the drabness that surrounds a stay-at-home parent. And we do get out of the house every day, even if for just a walk. But one hour away and at a playgroup doesn’t change the fact that I’m, by myself, taking care of two babies for around 10 hours a day. That one hour of socialization (or half hour, at the library sing-along), doesn’t change the fact that when we get home, I’m back on super-duty. It’s just so exhausting – starting from 6:00 am when we are all up until they go to bed at 7:00 pm. So going to work would allow me to step out of that realm for most of my day. But see – that’s also the downside of going to work. I don’t WANT to be away from the babies, I just want some breaks in my day.

I give major props to the stay-at-home-parent who is permanently in that position. Do you ever change out of sweatpants? Put on makeup? Work on yourself when you’re staying at home? I can’t seem to do it – we have started a little short jog with the jogging stroller in the mornings, so that’s good for me I guess. I don’t particularly FIT into my old, nicer clothes, so yes, I’ve been in sweatpants for let’s see – oh, about a year and a half.

So it’s a challenge. Today, I didn’t really feel like the parent as much as the nanny – just passing the hours. And that’s sad. Here’s hoping to tomorrow being a better day.

On a happier note, I’m finally planning the babies’ first birthday party and I’m excited about it. There’s absolutely no NEED to have anything lavish, or a theme, or much more than a mid-summer BBQ. However, being at home has allowed me to tap into my creative side and I have thoroughly enjoyed finding a theme. Thank you, Pinterest and Etsy – for exposing me to the vintage ice cream shoppe idea. I am on a mission to do this on a budget, so we’ll see how “vintage” I get, but it’s a big day that’s coming up in only 2 short months. Yikes.

I also received a new camera lens and wow, what a difference. Taking a picture now lets the subject really stand out and pop, as it blurs out the background. Do nannies take pictures for you while you go to work??






C sees the camera come out and it’s instant smiles and holding poses. Much appreciated. B – not so much. It’s song and dance time until he smiles, or at least looks your way.

DSC_0280 2






And a few together, because I can’t resist.






But I don’t even like coffee…

My babies are 10 months old tomorrow! More on that in a minute.

I’ve been feeling very, very tired. I mean, I imagine all parents do, and especially stay-at-home parents, because that which makes you sleepy is what you do all. day. long. And in my case it’s times two. I’m noticing, though, that my sleepiest, downright dysfunctional period is mid to late afternoon, usually between the hours of 3:00 – 5:00 pm. The babies go down for their second nap around 1:45, and it lasts until between 2:30 and 3:00. What I’m doing during that second nap is having a snack, walking around the house pretending to clean, and then sitting down on the couch, connecting myself with the outside world via Facebook and blog reading. Inevitably, the babies are up so quickly, and then it’s that last long stretch before bed.

The past few days, it’s all I can do to not literally curl up on the floor and shut my eyes for five minutes. Yesterday, my sister was over so I was actually able to do just that (but on a couch), but today I was driving. I can’t stop yawning, my eyes get heavy – I’m about ready to pass out. And then the feeling sort of goes away, especially once I’ve eaten dinner. Then I’m immediately recharged and raring to go for the rest of the night.

The thing is, this system isn’t really working anymore. Not for the babies, not for me. What I’m currently doing after that last nap at 3:00 is passing the time, usually with a stroller walk if it’s nice out, followed by bottles at 4:00 and then…and then the babies do a lot of playing by themselves. I’m sitting right there, mind you. But I’m not interacting with them much at all. I’m zoning out, keeping them busy with toys and counting the minutes until my husband gets home to take over for a few minutes while I get bedtime stuff set up.

When my husband gets home around 5:30, I let out this big sigh of relief just knowing that I’m officially “off duty” for a few minutes. And I love being with my kids. But it’s just so nice, and I’ve been “on” since they woke up at 6:00. It’s a long-ass day. And once bedtime and bath stuff are ready to go, my husband does the baths around 6:15, I do PJ’s, it’s bottles and then sleep by 7:00.

This is our current schedule. After the babies go to sleep, we creep down the stairs, wanting to plop it on the couch….and start dinner. By the time we’ve eaten and cleaned up from it, it’s 8:00. By the time the nightly chores of straightening up the house, washing bottles, making formula, preparing solids, washing diapers/folding laundry (if necessary) are done, it’s 9:00/9:30. That’s when I finally get “me” time, which is either a little TV with the hubs or sorting through pictures or blogging. My bedtime isn’t usually until 11:00 and then we’re up at 6:00.

So you see, this current situation I have going for us isn’t working for me, because I’m crashing so hard every single day. I don’t like how I’m just placing the babies down to play and not even doing much with them during that time. I don’t like the feeling of forcing my eyes open. Apparently I need more sleep. But I think I also need to work on preparing dinner BEFORE the babies go to bed, so that after they’re down, we eat right away and clean up quickly. If that happened, everything would shift to an earlier time, including my precious bedtime.

But that’s the problem – I can’t prepare dinner before the babies go to bed. I’m TOO TIRED.

The thing about caffeine for me is that it really works. I don’t really consume caffeine. A little soda or a piece of chocolate at night would have devastating consequences. Even when the babies were newborns, not ONCE did I have caffeine to keep me going. I’ve never needed it. And that’s why, when I do drink it, I’m beyond wired. I don’t like that feeling, so I don’t do it. Also, coffee is gross unless it has all the cream and 83 sugars. Tea is the same. For a treat, I’ll have a decaf sugar-laden coffee from Dunkin Donuts, but as a dessert – without caffeine. Right now, I’m starting to wonder if that’s what I need. Most people drink coffee in the morning, right? They need their caffeine to start their day, to get them going. Well I practically jump out of bed with a spring in my step. I’ve always been a morning person. But that mid-afternoon slot? That’s where my coffee would be.

I don’t know. I really want to stop wasting away the hours of the late afternoon and be productive. Imagine if I made dinner, cleaned the house and played with the babies, all before my husband got home? That would free up my entire evening! It also sounds impossible.

Today the babies and I went on a trip to my school to visit my teacher friends. I’ve been coming around lately to the idea of going back to work. I haven’t worked since April of 2013 when I was put on bedrest at 23 weeks – a long time ago. And even a few months ago, I didn’t feel ready. But now I can envision it. Talking with other adults, going back to teaching (some) subjects that I really like, making a difference again – it does sound appealing. And when we visited today, I was reminded even more so how the topics of curriculum and data are in my not-so-distant future. Hmm, am I happy about that? On a surface level, sure, yeah, it’s good for me. And I have no choice, anyway. But deep down I’m wondering – how will I ever dedicate myself to both my job AND my family? Before my kids, teaching was my around-the-clock job. Once I had kids, they took that slot. It isn’t possible for me to work two 24/7 jobs, so you know, something’s going to have to give. And I doubt it’ll be my babies, short of me not being home anymore. This whole topic just makes me sleepy.


In other news, my twins are 10 months old tomorrow (picture overload incoming!). I know people comment how fast the time goes with their own children, like they’ve grown in the blink of an eye. In some ways, yes, I can see that. I can’t really remember my babies being the five pounds that they were. Nor can I really remember a time when they didn’t smile and laugh (I guess those first few months are just a blur). But otherwise, I seriously think I felt every single day up until now. It wasn’t a long time coming, it didn’t go by super fast – but I really felt it. In a good way, too. Every new stage they enter, though, I’ve liked more than the last. It’s a joy to watch them become little people, slowly but surely. And it’s crazy to me to think about how my babies were born completely blank slates. Never having tasted anything, never saw anything, never met anyone. As I’m home with them all day, I have the power to decide what they taste, who they see, what experiences they are introduced to. It’s just kind of crazy and overwhelming. But awesome. And hopefully, most of the time I’m making the “right” choices, the choices that sit well with my husband and I and contribute to the growth of the babies.

B is, as usual, a giant hunk of a baby boy. He was 25 pounds at the 9 month check up a month ago, so I would assume he’s grown some since then. His head is the size of a 4 year old’s (I know because I just bought him a toddler hat that fits perfect), he has giant feet and hands and he eats like a lion. He’s got some great thunder thighs and is a mini Godzilla “walking” around the house. He’s not crawling yet, as I’ve mentioned before, but he loves to “walk” while holding your hands. Loves it – would do it all day if he could, but it hurts my back. He is rolling now and spinning in circles on his stomach. He has officially outgrown the doorway jumper (so sad), as he’s past the weight limit. And it’s not good for him anyway – but man, he loved that thing. He jumped as high as he could, and if I let him, would lift his legs and swing back and forth, allowing his arm to connect with the wall. He’s a very physical boy – when he’s happy and laughing, it makes him jump. It’s funny, when we go to playgroup or the library for songs, C smiles and coos, and B bounces up and down on my legs like it’s nobody’s business. Moving is all he wants to do. I really, really look forward to him crawling, so that I don’t have to carry his large self around as much. He has recently made the transition to a straw cup from the bottle. Just like everything else that my babies have transitioned to, I continue to learn that my babies will transition when they’re ready. And when they’re not ready, no amount of persuasion can make it happen. All of a sudden, he was getting antsy with the bottle. Once he learned how to suck from the straw (using water at first), he was hooked and it was simple after that. We still do the last session in a bottle as he typically falls asleep while drinking, but the other 3 meals are through the straw. I’m not looking back from that bottle. I’m glad to be done with it. Now, if only he would hold the thing himself. As for food, he eats whatever I give him – purees, finger foods (but off my fingers, not his…). He just wants to eat. There isn’t a single food so far that he’s turned away from, so I continue to just throw together whatever I have already made and when they are purees, stir them up together. Today’s purees were carrots, butter beans, pears and avocado all mixed together. He doesn’t care. Boy just wants his food. He also likes finger foods but we’re just starting that – so far he’s eaten banana, avocado, sweet and white potatoes, baked apples and peas. He has 7 teeth, and they all came in in a month’s time with next to NO drool, no fevers, no extreme fussing. Just teeth, thank goodness. Super shy in public and with new people, he’s also very leary of new experiences and appears to scowl for most outings. At home, he’s the life of the party.




(No, I don’t dress him like that all the time. It was for a professional photo shoot we had done, with the results coming soon..)









C always seems so petite next to B but she really isn’t. She’s around 23 pounds herself, with another large head. But she’s much thinner than B with small little hands and feet. She just got her first tooth yesterday, the same day B got his 7th. Like B, no fevers, barely any drool and not too fussy – I guess I’m super lucky. In public, she’s all smiles, a total charmer. She loves new experiences and is absolutely fascinated by her world. I don’t even notice anymore, but today at our school visit a coworker commented as C was drinking her bottle that she had her eyes scanning the room the entire time – never once did she zone out. Definitely my child – very aware of her surroundings. I put her in the front of our double stroller because she’s all eyes and ears – taking it all in and squealing with delight. At home, she gets bored much more easily than B. She prefers people, even B, to her toys. She’s the first one to get antsy when they are playing by themselves, because she needs more stimulation than the toys can give her. But carry her around the house, read her a book, just change it up, and she’s happy. I imagine this is why she loves going out of the house so much. She’s so very, very good when I pull out my camera – she knows when to smile, when to keep her gaze in my direction. She’s a little harder to get to transition to new things, but it can be done. We’re just starting the straw cup with her, but for now, she’d prefer a bottle. However, she was the one who told me she was done with purees and ready for finger foods – she suddenly turned up her nose at purees, or after having a few bites, would gag and spit them back up. She absolutely LOVES the mushy finger foods I’ve introduced, with avocado and banana being favorites so far. Of course, like B, she doesn’t eat them off her own fingers but hopefully soon enough. Also not yet crawling, this was the baby who absolutely HATED tummy time from Day 1 and has come a long way. She’s leaning forward from sitting to a tummy position and tolerating it for a few minutes. She’s also spinning and circles while there. She finds people hysterical and laughs with so many types of human interactions. She loves to be thrown in the air, to hang upside down.













Together, the babies continue to show affection for each other. C continues to kiss everything in sight and now B has learned how to give kisses as well. They also pull each other’s hair and smack each other in the face (purposely) with toys, but they enjoy each other’s company and can be heard laughing to each other, back and forth, while I’m not in the room. I’m totally in love, and totally exhausted. I can’t wait to see what Month 10 has in store for us!