Advil causes hives – who knew?

Thank you everyone! You are always so helpful – I knew right where to turn with my question!

It looks like the majority of you found it somewhat painful, with a few finding it very painful. Not many of you had little to no pain – but you all highly recommended taking lots of advil beforehand.

Here’s my next issue with that – I didn’t bother telling you this a few posts ago, because my mind was wrapped around school, but I had hives last Thursday and Friday. Specifically, lip hives, the horrible, scary kind. Considering I’m staying away from foods that cause this like a pro, I couldn’t figure out what was causing it.

Wednesday night, when I had that tell-tale lump in my throat, I panicked, thinking this was all stress-related with the end of the school year, and I desperately tried to get rid of that lump. Two things have always helped eliminate it – hot tea and exercise (obviously something to do with internal heat). So, at 10:30 Wednesday night, when a cup and a half of tea didn’t help, I put on my running shoes, grabbed a head lamp and ran out the door. I have never done that before. But it actually did help, at least calm me down. The next morning, I had lip hives. Of course, it was the day of our moving up ceremony, and I only had to face – oh, I don’t know, 400 people, including the parents of my students. After it was all over, I was even more calmed, so imagine my surprise to wake up to the hives again Friday morning. This time, I had a suspicion and it was confirmed – it was advil.

At the beginning of last week, I pulled a weird muscle in my back climbing the monkey bars. I only did it for a minute! Yeah – I can play kickball and all that, but apparently I need to draw the line on the jungle gym. Apparently I’m too old. Anyway, not wanting to miss out on the last few games of kickball at recess, I kept re-injuring it, not letting it heal. So starting on Wednesday, I started taking advil around the clock. And that’s when the hives started. N found an article online that claims ibuprofen, as well as aspirin, can contribute to angioedema. As soon as I stopped taking advil, the hives stopped.

Now, I don’t take advil often, but when I do, it’s usually just one or two doses, usually with my period. I never take it around the clock. So I’m wondering whether I should take the advil before the HSG, but just the one, huge dose of it beforehand and suck it up afterwards, or find something else entirely. I can suffer with lip hives for one night, that’s fine, as long as they stay confined to my lips. It’s when they start to move down my throat that I start to panic.

So, regarding medication, I don’t really know what to do. I either have one day left to figure it out, or two whole weeks. That leads me to my RE appointment, and I’m just going to write another post, because otherwise, this one will be quite long!