Monday Mind Dump, Valentine’s Day Edition

Anddd it’s Monday again. Bleh. I’m feeling more upbeat today though – it’s Ovulation Week! I have no idea if I will actually ovulate this week (or at all), but so far I’m following an exact pattern of last cycle, to the day, temp wise, CM wise, etc. So if it happens exactly the same again, Saturday will be the day. But not to worry – I’ll be preparing for it allll week. Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband! ♥

So it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Most people I know seems to fall into two categories when it comes to this holiday – celebrate, with dinner and flowers and whatever else, or not celebrate. Those in the latter category seem to want to forget the day exists, and it’s not brought up at all. When I was growing up, most of us angst-y teenagers said “Screw this day”..unless we were with a boyfriend we were proud of and wanted to show off. I’ve always felt it should be celebrated, though as the years have gone by, I care less and less!

Today’s Monday Mind Dump is dedicated to tomorrow, Valentine’s Day.

You’re not a fan of those cheesy Hallmark cards? You know, the ones that literally say everything and anything you’ve ever wanted to say, or more likely, wish your significant other would say to you? That’s okay. Not a fan of crowded restaurants full of teenagers in love (obnoxious)? No problem. Chocolate makes you fat and flowers wilt too quickly? You can still celebrate this day.

My blogging friends would probably agree – we are all spending way too much time thinking about infertility. I mean, it’s necessary, and I’m the first one to admit how many hours of my day are spent contemplating things that are absolutely out of my control. But once in a while it’s just nice to forget what you’re going through, and look at your significant other as something more than the other half of your baby-making episodes.

To do this on a regular basis, you don’t need to get all romantic or go on some crazy adventure dates. Just do something with your significant other that 1) takes both of your minds off infertility, and 2) keeps you busy. For us, this past weekend it was getting some “new” couches (okay, used, but new to us) and re-arranging the living room.

But if Valentine’s Day makes you want to go a little further, and feel something a little extra, start with this: What traits does your significant other have that you are just so glad he/she has, that keep you going, that you couldn’t live without?

One of my husband’s best qualities is that he keeps our relationship young and silly. It doesn’t matter what is going on in our lives, he makes me laugh – really laugh – on a daily basis. I always tell him, “You’re really not that funny, you know.” He’s not making weird jokes or trying too hard. He’s just being – himself. He’s 100% comfortable around me, doing whatever, and he doesn’t care at all how silly he looks. Whether it’s dancing around the house at 6:00 am because it’s Friday, or playing rock-paper-scissors whenever we have to do anything at all (like getting the laundry from downstairs), he has me laughing. I can be pretty serious, and he has helped me lighten up over the years. Since he got home from work an hour ago, we’ve already had a boxing match in the kitchen. I’m sure I’ll be hearing him bust out a random tune before the night is out. Someday, our kids are going to have a ball with him.

To show you what I mean, I’m uploading a video. I got his permission (he really couldn’t care less), and it fits with my story, so feel free to watch/listen. Yes, he is in the shower, and after a quick shot of Sadie, I put the phone on the counter and snuck out of the bathroom.

What is that one quality in your significant other that you couldn’t live without?