Getting to know you – February ICLW

As a I take a quick break from the stresses of my life at the moment, I’m happy to announce to my fellow bloggers that I’m doing February’s ICLW for the very first time. For my non-bloggers, this is a monthly idea, created by Stirrup Queens, where you comment on people’s blogs that you are new to (you see Stirrup Queens’ giant list of blogs as a starter). It’s a great way to meet more people in the ALI community and for other people find your blog as well, so it’s all good. I was going to say a little something about myself, until K.Smitty at Daydreaming in Progress completed a little “Getting to know you” survey and tagged me as one of the people to continue it. Thank you!!

Getting to Know You

1 – Post the rules
2 – Answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you.
3 – Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
4 – Tag people and link them to your post.
5 – Let them know that you tagged them.
Here are my responses to K.Smitty’s Questions:

1. What dinner item ends up on your table most often?

I am not a chef. As we know, my husband is the cook in the family, and a damn good one at that. When he cooks, seafood tends to land on our table, especially scallops. On Valentine’s Day, he made me an arugula salad with fennel and sea scallops, sea bass over quinoa in a tomato vinaigrette, citrus creme brulee, and sugar-free marshmallows. See what I mean?

Like I said, I can’t cook very well. But when I do, I make minestrone soup. It’s delicious, healthy, you can put anything you want in it – I could go on and on. I’ll make a post about this sometime soon.

2. What song(s) always makes you smile and/or get up and dance?

Ha – I also can’t dance. I suppose if I really tried it would be…tolerable, but I am so extremely self-conscious about this for some reason. That said, I can sing in front of thousands of people. But I can’t dance. And there are songs that always make me sing. For example, I belted out “Melt” by Rascal Flatts in the car today.

3. Favorite bad-for-you food?

Since I cut out gluten and sugar, everything I like falls into this category. However, I’d have to say – donuts. I could eat an endless amount of donuts – chocolate, jelly, those with sprinkles, french cruller…my mouth is watering, seriously. I love donuts.

4. Any irrational fears or bad habits?

My bad habit is biting my nails/skin around my nails. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember, certainly elementary school. I find that when I give myself a manicure, I don’t do it as much. But it’s something I’ve been trying to break for a long time. As for irrational fears, this one makes me laugh, too, because I can only wonder what my non-blogger friends are thinking. It’s not a fear, per say, but, vomiting. Especially when it’s induced by alcohol. When that’s the case – I can’t stand to be around it. The smell, the amount of’s repulsive to me. College was tough, sometimes, and I knew to stay away from the super drunks, because I guaranteed they’d be puking by the end of the night. When someone is throwing up because they have the stomach bug, I am equally disgusted, but mostly obsessed with not catching it. I hate throwing up. And you know why? Because when I get the stomach bug, I throw up a million times. Last year, I threw up 16 times (yes..I started counting after 10, my record is 19) and was wondering when I could be admitted to a hospital. Needless to say, I have never thrown up from drinking.

5. What’s the #1 thing on your Bucket List, (besides being a mommy)?

It’s sick that it’s taking me a minute to think of this. I have always wanted to be a mother. However…the #1 thing on my bucket list would be to afford/buy a large home, in the woods, with lots of big windows. I want my white, sheer curtains to blow in the breeze as I blast folk/bluegrass music in the kitchen. Luckily, my husband shares this same goal.

6. Do you live in the same area you grew up in or have you moved a lot?

I do live in the same area; same town, as a matter of fact. This is not permanent – I like my town decently, but not enough to raise my kids here. We will leave when the housing market goes back up and we can afford to. We live in my childhood home – my parents got divorced a few years ago, and we bought it from my mother when she remarried. We had mixed feelings, but it was better than an apartment. I have been in this house, with the exception of one year in an apartment and college, since I was four years old.

7. What’s your take on smartphones? Got one? If so, what one? Love them? Hate them?

Got one, love it, hate that I love it. It’s the iPhone. I fought against it for a very long time, and caved this past October. And I.can’ That said, I get all my blogs through email and the RSS feeder, which is an app on my phone. Even fertility friend is an app. So my life is really on this phone.

8. Got any furbabys?

Absolutely! Scroll down a few posts to see a few pictures of them. Sadie and Riley, rescue mutts from Georgia, both are four years old, not related, same rescue, two different times. They are hyper and they shed and they lick their butts, but man, are they cute. We treat them like children, and talk to them as such.

9. What’s your favorite outfit you own that makes you feel fabulous?

That’s a good one! I actually can’t think of one off the top of my head. But I can talk about colors – I’m very pale with dark hair, and I’ve always thought black or white look good on me. I try to go for the Gap look, for less. I’m into solid colors (you’d be lucky to find a pattern in my closet), and I add scarves (including ones I’ve made) and flats. I’m not very fancy.

10. (Because I’ve had a rough day): If you take out any instances about not being pregnant, how often would you say you get emotional in front of your husband? 

I have cried more in front of my husband in the last three days than I have in six months, at least. Taking away this crap with my father and my lack of ovulation (aka, this past weekend), I’d say I get emotional in front of my husband…rarely. Every few months? But I’m not hiding it from him – I don’t really get emotional, in terms of tears.

11. Do you have a favorite quote? Or even a favorite Bible verse?

Interestingly enough, I don’t. I’m not religious, and I’ve always had a thing against quotes – I think there are a few out there that are ridiculously over-used, and show up on everyone’s walls and bathrooms. Those “live, laugh, love” quotes come to mind. “Everything happens for a reason”, “believe”…you know. No offense.

Here are a few bloggers I’m tagging to keep this up:

A Blanket 2 Keep


Here are my questions:

1. What is a random, goofy hidden talent that you have?

2. Who is your favorite actor/actress, and what movies or shows did you love them in?

3. What is the craziest, most ridiculous dream you’ve ever had?

4. How many times have you been to the hospital for non-IF related things?

5. What countries have you traveled to and which was your favorite?

6. If you could hire your own nutritionist, fitness trainer, or personal chef, which would you choose and why?

7. What is your favorite indoor activity? Outdoor?

8. If you could explain one thing about IF to someone non-IF to help them understand, what would you tell them?

9. Talk about your siblings. How many do you have?

10. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

11. What is your favorite condiment? (You know, ketchup, hot sauce, parm cheese – my personal favorite)

This survey brings me back to my junior high days on AIM, when we would send these giant surveys around to all our friends. At that time, I think the only one who truly cared was the person writing it. Now, with the support of the IF community, I think that’s changed!

Even if I didn’t tag you, feel free to copy this one and keep it going! To those ICLW-ers reading, thanks!!

An update: CD 27..I mean 6 (see “stair-stepping”), took 100 mg Clomid tonight and hoping for an egg to drop in a few weeks. My father was transferred to a different hospital today, where they discovered that his not-waking-up thing from anesthesia might have to do with the fact that he’s been off some medications since he had the surgery, ones that he’s been taking for years. Apparently “delayed emergence” from anesthesia is one withdrawal symptom of not having these medications. He hasn’t opened his eyes yet, but he’s becoming more restless. I see that as a good sign.