2 Easter Egg Crafts To Do In A Pinch!


I love to blog about kid activities and I’ve been a bit quiet this past week because I’m finishing up an awesome gift for my twins for Easter. One that the tutorial informed me would take an hour, and because I’m not crafty, is actually taking me a solid week, working on them every night. SO, I had every intention of blogging about them way before Easter, in case anyone wanted to try and make them too, but I’m still not done. Tonight’s not looking promising, and tomorrow night isn’t either. But soon – hopefully Monday night!

Anyway, every Saturday morning my husband goes to work. Every Saturday morning I kick myself for not planning something fun to do with the twins while he’s gone, because with a nanny at our house, they’re used to playing with their same old toys all week long. Weekends are for trying new things. So as they got up this morning, I scrambled to find a few Easter crafts that weren’t too complicated (as art isn’t exactly my thing), didn’t require a trip to the store, and still would be cute.


I found one that was perfect – marbleized eggs. We had all the required materials (except card stock), so after breakfast I got out the twins’ dollar store aprons and we got started.


Blurry, but cute aprons!


I put out the shaving cream (we only had gel, so I had to mix it before hand…) and the washable paint. The idea is to swirl, swirl, swirl, then press card stock onto it and it looks so pretty! But here’s what actually happened:



C got started using both brush ends and we were on the right track to a cute Easter egg craft. The colors looked promising!



B’s plate looked all nice and swirly as well, creating very cool color combos and textures. They both enjoyed the stirring process, though they didn’t like paint on their hands. I think we need to be messy more often!

Then our Pinterest craft went downhill. I believe my error was in the ratio of shaving cream to paint – WAY too much paint. After a few minutes, you couldn’t tell we even used shaving cream and the twins were effectively just painting, which left no opportunity for swirling to occur. B’s colors were okay, but C’s were not, and so this happened:


And she had a plate of mud. No marbleized Easter eggs here. Oh well. I hung them up anyway and slapped some ribbon on them, so they would avoid looking like round poop circles.


Certainly not like the original, but the twins don’t seem to mind.

A little while later, we came back to the table for round 2. This was simpler and I just thought of it on a whim, as hanging these “marbleized” eggs on the slider reminded me of when we hung our Valentine’s sun catchers there. I got out the contact paper and some leftover ribbon from my DIY buckle pillows and set up two tot trays.


Simple enough – stick the ribbon to the contact paper, shaped like an egg, then cover it with more contact paper when it’s done and voila. Contact paper sun catchers. And so we did.


Well, C did. B didn’t care for the texture for whatever reason and so he happily enjoyed tossing each ribbon off the table one by one. It produced many big laughs as he watched them spiral to the floor.


C got the hang of it, pressing and sticking her ribbons to the contact paper. After they were done, I took care of the rest.


Not our finest work, but in a pinch, the twins made two easy Easter egg crafts and had a great morning!

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