Valentine’s Day Sun Catchers


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Well, I’m almost done posting about Valentine’s Day activities and crafts. I’ve got just a couple more to go. After that, I won’t want to see or work with another heart for a long time. Until next year, obviously.

The twins and I made Valentine’s Day Sun Catchers on yet ANOTHER snow day this past weekend (yes, that’s my back deck piled almost to the top with snow).

Materials needed: contact paper (find it HERE), tissue paper, painter’s tape (bought HERE)

As with all my other activities and crafts, I was going for easy and cheap. It was pretty easy to construct, I’d say, and it was FREE. I had already purchased the contact paper which I used for our pom pom window activity and the tissue paper came from recent Christmas and Valentine’s gifts the twins received. It’s funny, I’m starting to think differently about items I would normally recycle or throw away. Tissue paper is a perfect example. Over the years I’ve no doubt wasted TONS of tissue paper – open the gift, throw away the paper. Now I find myself thinking, “Could the toddlers use this for something?” I’ve been doing the same thing with containers I normally recycle. Now I’m a junk collector – ugh.

Anyway, I contemplated ripping up the tissue paper myself the night before this activity so that it would be ready for the toddlers to use but then I thought that perhaps they could rip it themselves. That ended up being their favorite part of the whole activity. I gave them sheets and sheets of tissue paper and they went to town, ripping it, throwing it off the table, and making a massive confetti mess all over the dining room floor. That alone could have been our activity!

DSC_0157 DSC_0160

When it was ripped up (with my help), they had a bucket full of pieces, ready to go.


Meanwhile, while they were ripping I cut out a long piece of contact paper and folded it in half. Then I drew a heart onto the folded sheet and cut out the two hearts. (I did this twice, of course). This way I had the front and back of the sun catcher done and ready. After taking the back of the contact paper off, I taped two of the four hearts to the floor, sticky side up.


Then I invited the twins to come over and stick their tissue paper to the hearts on the floor. I remembered how, the day before, B was disappointed that his alphabet hearts didn’t stick to the butcher paper and he got frustrated as he pressed down hard, only to find the letters slipping away. I was hoping I could make up for it with this activity. Both B and C understood quickly what to do and started sticking the tissue paper pieces to their hearts.

DSC_0194 DSC_0215

Of course, there’s always something else these guys want to do with the activities I plan that I never think of. This time, B was happy to have the tissue paper stick, but unhappy that it didn’t unstick. He wanted to practice putting the pieces on and taking them off again. And he kept trying to stick the tissue paper to the blue tape, which of course did not work. Regardless, he squished his pieces on until the heart was sufficiently covered. C did the same. Then I peeled up the hearts off the floor and took the backs off the other two hearts I had. I stuck them together, sealing the tissue paper pieces inside the two layers of contact paper. I handed B his heart and he admired his handiwork. (In typical C fashion, she took off for other toys after a minute or two.)


I showed B where we were going to tape the sun catchers to the slider and he tried his best to get it to stick.


Of course, then I made a silly parenting move and taped them right there where B and C could reach them. They immediately peeled the hearts off the slider and tried their best to destroy their crafts. So I taped them again, higher and out of reach this time. Since we’ve done the activity, the twins have enjoyed pointing out their hearts and commenting on the colors they see. One more heart activity for the books!