With my twins, I try to keep to a schedule. More on that in another post – but as they get older, the schedule obviously changes and I find myself trying to keep up with those changes.

My goals in creating a schedule all contribute to achieving my ultimate desire, other than their well-being, which is for my babies to sleep through the night, so I can sleep. 🙂

Anyway, sometimes I need to get out of the house, which inadvertently seems to mess up our schedule, but it’s really worth it. We did that today, and tonight.

Today was the first day that my babies took a nap somewhere other than their crib or carseat since we ditched the rock n plays. Not only that, but they slept TOGETHER in the pack n play. I had visions of screaming children and mass confusion as they realized they were in the same tiny living space for the first time since being in my belly. Then I imagined them laughing and smacking each other in the face and tossing their loveys around. But nevertheless, we set up the white noise, drew the black out curtains, and tiptoed out.

Not a peep. 5 minutes later, my husband went to check on them – fast asleep. It was SO adorable seeing them in that tiny space together – it’s the first time we’ve ever had them sleep together. Alas – I didn’t get a picture. But we’re doing it again tomorrow and I will this time! Melted my icy heart.

Of course, we stayed up past their bedtime, which led to them falling asleep in the car on the way home, which could’ve spelled disaster as we quickly tried to get them to bed. Skipping their baths, we went right to PJs and a bottle in the dark. Surprisingly, B went right to sleep. C – well, during her bedtime bottle, she pooped, so I had to change her diaper. While I was doing so, she pooped again. Then she spit up something fierce, so I had to change her PJs. Then she was laughing like it was morning instead of bedtime.

An hour and a half later than last night’s bedtime – but she went right to sleep. It’s not always this easy, but when it is, I’ll absolutely take it.

Now, for your quick reading pleasure – this was linked on facebook and I just think it’s SO absolutely cute, though it’s from 2012. I need to buy these little dolls and their accessories and teach my twins how to be loving nurturers in a few years. I can’t wait. Such a cute story!

Small Potatoes – William’s Doll