Round ligament pain? And maternity clothes

Here, tell me if this sounds like round ligament pain:

Yesterday, as I think I’ve figured out, I just plain and simply did too much. It was an “active” day….including, but not limited to, going to two stores and coming home to take the dogs for a 20 minute walk at a moderate pace. The pain started off as crampy, which is always irritating but happens often. It then turned into an occasional sharp pain on my very lower right side. Then, towards the end of the walk, it was a constant painful pull in the same spot. It felt like I was out of shape and had an exercise cramp, but it was so low, kind of hugging the bikini line area on the right side only. After coming home and putting my feet up, it went back to the occasional sharp pain and that was that. Oh, and my sneezing and coughing fits didn’t help either. Does RLP sound right? Of course I started to worry at first, but other people’s descriptions online sounded like this, especially pinpointing where I felt the pain, so I relaxed a bit. Now I’m playing the “I can’t because I have RLP” card.

That said though, this pain was the worst I’ve felt so far. Nothing severe by any means, but it definitely stops you in your tracks. And it doesn’t seem like there’s much I can do, besides lay down. I’ve really been making a dent in my couch cushions lately.

Moving on – I’ve decided to spend a little bit of money (which always kills me to do so, btw) on maternity clothes for right now. I know I’ll be very large in a few months, which is why I’m saying a little bit of money. I’m borrowing some pants from a friend, and they are a lifesaver. But for tops, I’m looking for winter, longer, cozy shirts. Anyways, I was curious: are there any staple items you would recommend buying if you’re not planning to buy much? And this could be any time of year. Tank tops have been one suggestion. What else do I need at this point with a noticeable stomach that isn’t large? I haven’t gone shopping in a long time so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s out there. If my RLP can be on stand-by, that is.

I’m bored and that can be dangerous.

It’s just one of this days where I feel – funky. And slightly insane. I think this happens more on weekends where I allow myself more couch time, and spend that couch time fretting over minor things.

Like the occasional mild pains/cramps on my lower right side, where I know the babies are chillin, courtesy of when the nurse found their heartbeats. So I decide I need to put my feet up, and begin googling all the things that could be wrong. Too early for round ligament pain, right? It’s not digestion-related (that’s a whole other topic). And what’s that? My lower back hurts all of a sudden? But I know I’m just worrying for hopefully no reason, because I’m bored. No sever pains whatsoever, no blood, chill out. So there’s that.

And the fact that I picked up more Zofran today, from a new prescription from my new doctor, and insurance decided not to cover it again – and hey, why isn’t it dissolving?? Maybe because it appears to be the pill kind – I didn’t know there was such a thing. Does anyone know if it works just as well?

And as I spend hour upon hour on this couch (hey, I did grocery shop this morning, and there are two football games on!) I get so ansy! This endless Crinone thing, ugh. I won’t get into details but it’s itchy and gross. I’m hot and cold, my legs are twitching, I ate in a reclined position and now have indigestion, and then, omg, all of a sudden my chest hurts like no other and cannot be contained and I’m ripping my bra off under multiple layers and a blanket, much to the appreciation of my husband. All while eating some wings. It’s just a weird day.

But then I found this gem, and seriously, if you watch nothing else today, this will hopefully crack you up as much as it did for me. Freakin hilarious. I hope it loads correctly. Enjoy!