Thank you!

This is why I love blogging. Sure, I do basically nothing besides talk about myself, but what is so nice is that there people out there reading it! And commenting!

I’ve been in a funk, and the last two days I’ve felt a little better; a little more like myself. After yesterday’s whiny post, I got so many nice comments from people that I do not know personally – but I feel like I do. And that’s awesome. It’s a really cool feeling. And it’s the first time I’ve understood that level of support since starting my blog last July. I get it now, and I’ll make sure to reciprocate that feeling.

What’s also so great about blogging is finding more people just like you. I’ve found people my age, people on Clomid, people with Hashimoto’s disease, people TTC for a year or more, people who have been through it all. Everyone has a story, and I love to hear about other people’s. I still am a newbie; there are so many blogs out there I haven’t found yet. I was excited to get 1,000 hits on mine recently. But how cool.

So, thank you everyone, for the support. I tend to tell myself I don’t need any help from anybody, but once in a while, it’s just nice to hear that people understand and get it. 🙂

Positive thoughts today: I’m very appreciative of my blog readers, and tomorrow’s Friday.


Stupid emails.

How’s this for a “Hey, Happy Tuesday, Here’s a Slap in the Face”?

I get an email today from “What to Expect” – apparently I signed up for emails regarding pregnancy back when I thought it would happen quickly. Today’s email, a question from a reader:

“My husband and I badly want to conceive a child as soon as possible. What are some ways to increase our chances?”

Needless to say, I did not click on the link to find the answer.  But if I did, here’s what I think I would have seen:

– Eat healthy, lots of fruits and veggies

– Exercise – your BMI should be in the normal range

– Have fun! Remember, conceiving a child is all about the love you and your significant other share. Don’t let it become all business!

(followed by the implied next statement in a cheery voice: If these three things don’t do it – something’s wrong with you!)

And then, in my imaginary answer to this question, a disclaimer at the bottom, in fine print:

“The majority of women will conceive within six months. If you are under 35 and have been trying unsuccessfully for a year or more, consult a doctor for further assistance.”

Well, I promptly deleted that email. Here’s my made-up question for them:

“My husband and I badly want to conceive a child, period. What are some ways we can teach those around us to be sympathetic and not insulting when we have fertility issues?”

Hey, tomorrow’s Wednesday. Two more days until my vacation. Happy Hump Day!

Secrets no more!

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve told the rest of the members of my family (and my in-laws) that I’m struggling with conceiving a child and therefore am getting medical assistance. There. I said it.

Most of my close family already knew – but there were a couple people I was holding out on. I was hoping my husband could jump in and help, because I have seemed to be tongue-tied for the last seven months, but he was definitely less assertive than I was. So that wasn’t going to work.

Finally, the other night, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hate this idea of carrying a personal secret that someone close to me, whom I trust, would want to know, and would be supportive about. Why keep it in? I didn’t give specifics, just that medication would be involved and I’d be starting in a few weeks.

Ever since then – I feel so much better. I have nothing to hide! Seriously! It’s out (not on Facebook….but out), and I just feel such relief. On Christmas, if the question comes up, I’m ready to deal with it. I’ve got my speech prepared.

Telling people about this was seriously the best thing I ever did, because I feel better.

Now, on to Clomid!! Three more Provera pills and I’ll hopefully get AF two days after that, like I did last time. That would put me right at Christmas – with the office closed. Oh well. As long as I’m calling on Monday and starting Clomid shortly after that, I’ll be happy. I’ll keep you updated!