Full moon?

Or something? Or something…I don’t know what’s been going on but it makes me want a vacation and a cold drink, neither of which are happening anytime soon.

It’s a stressful time, I guess, at this point in the year. First of all, my school is gearing up to give our yearly standardized tests, and the preparation behind this goes on for months, everyone is just a little on edge, and waiting for it all to be over. So I’m sure that has something to do with this, even though I didn’t think I was thinking too much about it. There’s been a lot of “Did you remember to -” oh shoot, nope. “Did you tell so and so about -” whoops, forgot that too. Too much on my plate at the moment! There are a few other stressful/irritating things going on at work as well, but they won’t be mentioned here. Put it this way – this time of year, I feel like I’m giving 150% of myself daily and it’s tiring.

Then my dogs have been acting weird. Sadie did get an eye infection after coming back from doggy camp a few weeks ago, but I don’t think that’s it. We got these new treats for them – nothing major, just a treat, and since the weekend, Sadie has choked once, gagged and coughed many times, thrown up and had vomit stuck up her nose, leading to wheezing, and then Riley this morning woke me at 6 (they come in our bed at 5am) with the sound of her throwing up UNDER the sheets. Luckily I threw her out just in time. Nothing like doggy vomit to get you out of bed quick. I don’t know if all this was due to the new treats, but they were both eating them. Regardless, I’ve kind of been on edge and nervous about them and promptly threw the cookies out. Hopefully that solves the problems.

So then, I told my students today that I was pregnant. I have a very challenging class of fifth graders this year, and I was kind of dreading telling them. I knew it would be uncomfortable. But see, I’m out of tops that “hide” this stomach. It’s not hide-able. So I figured I might as well get it over with. My big reveal went something like this: “Boys and girls, it’s 9:20, so put your whiteboards down, by the way I’m pregnant with twins, and line up for music.” Okay, so it wasn’t my best. I was very embarrassed for whatever reason. I’m sure I turned bright red. The kids’ first reaction was shock – no one said anything at all, and then I repeated myself, slower, and a few girls clapped and were totally appropriate, and everyone else – I don’t know. I heard one boy say, “That was random,” and another boy said to me, “Well, this is kind of awkward.” I knew it would be for them. I was just happy never to speak of it again. As the day went on, they kept staring at my stomach. I tried to suck it in. However, some kids came around in terms of their comfort level, and even though I told them it wasn’t up for discussion, I was asked if I knew if they were boys or girls, and if I would tell them when I knew. One boy suggested I put some names on the board and have a class vote. So it was a little better, with even a few girls saying they were happy for me. Until the end of the day, when one of my students apparently said to a few kids something along the lines of, “I knew she and her husband did it.” A girl told him he was nasty and then told me. Regardless, that was exactly what I didn’t want to happen. How can 10 year olds concentrate and learn when they are thinking/realizing how I came to be pregnant?? I don’t want to be seen in their eyes that way! Little do they know how wrong they are….

These stressors need a break. In happier pregnancy news, my nausea is pretty much gone, which is wonderful. The constipation issue has gone from an F to a C. A combo of so many prunes, veggies, fruits, colace, and a little bit of Miralax have helped. So I’ll take that.

However, what’s with the endless cold symptoms? Super dry, itchy skin, chapped lips that look terrible and gross, and never-ending sneezes, itchy ears, nose, throat, etc. I feel fine otherwise but it’s annoying. Or do you think it might have to do with the mold I discovered on my bedroom ceiling this morning? Yeah, not good. Add it to the list. It’s pretty extensive and needs to be taken care of ASAP. I certainly can’t bring two infants in the room that way. Also our heaters upstairs need to be fixed. I think my house is falling apart.

One of the underlying issues here is that, the more I talk about being pregnant, and the more people I tell, the more I realize, there’s not much I can keep to myself anymore. The secret is out and I’m very “public” (though not on Facebook), and it kind of makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like to be the talk of the town. I like my privacy. And I don’t want to jinx anything.

This is my picture, my first one. I don’t do smiley face stomach pictures. At least not yet. So instead you get to see my super sexy fleece cozy pants. That is a 14.5 week stomach, and I’m two days shy of 16 weeks. So I’ve only gotten bigger. And all my shirts are cotton and kind of tight. Hence why I shared my news today. I’m over-the-top excited about every little aspect of this. Except now I’ve shared it with a million people. I’m used to keeping my emotions in public at bay, but this thing is so personal and I am so incredibly excited, and it’s all a weird feeling.

Anyway, here you go! 16 weeks is almost here!