The Importance of a Good Basal Thermometer

I’ve been using the same, super-cheap CVS brand basal thermometer since I started temping back in July. I never saw a problem with it, except that I had super low temperatures basically all the time. That, and the thermometer seemed to play favorites – I’d only see the same temps over and over again, sometimes for days in a row. Since July, my temperature first thing in the morning has always been 96.8, 97.18, 97.2 or 97.33. An occasional 97.6 was a treat! I chalked this up to my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (eventually to be hypothyroid). It’s a symptom of that condition to have low body temps.

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I knew my temperature really should be a bit higher, and I noticed a slight increase since I started my current multivitamin about a month ago. But even then, my temps hovered between 97.0 and 97.33. So, I did some research and decided I needed to try a new thermometer.

I went with THIS basal thermometer from Amazon. Definitely recommend this purchase, because…

Color me surprised when I took my temperature this morning and was 97.7!! I’m NEVER that high, and I’m definitely not past ovulation, so I know that’s not it! Who knows how long my temperatures have been showing lower than they really were.

To anyone who’s not sure if your thermometer is doing an accurate reading – try this one!