My thyroid is so good – it’s bad!

Oh, the irony. My thyroid’s been a bit quiet lately. I’ve almost forgotten that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, the fun auto-immune disease linked to infertility.

I almost forgot how, when my husband and I started trying last spring, we were told to stop in the summer, because my TSH was at 8, way too high for conception, and if I did conceive, the likelihood for miscarriage was strong. That was a fun time.

Then came the adventures of my TSH level dropping, little by little. I cut out gluten from my diet a couple months ago. I tried to really kickstart my healthy eating. I jumped for joy in August when my TSH went from an 8 to a 2.3 in a month. I was astounded when, after switching to a more supportive endocrinologist, my TSH came back at a 1.39 this past October. It had never been that low.

Back in October, after meeting with my new endocrinologist, she told me that even though my TSH was technically in the normal range, for people trying to conceive she recommended it a little lower than 1. I was told to up my dosage twice a week with an extra  half a pill, then get my blood done.

Just got the results back.


It has NEVER been that low. Guess what the normal range is?

0.35-1. My TSH is TOO LOW. Honestly, how ironic.

All this means is that my thyroid is still producing some hormones, though it changes all the time. Currently, it’s producing enough on its own that the amount of Synthroid I’m taking is too much. I’m sending myself into HYPERthyroid land. A place I’ve never been.

I’ve spent months this summer agonizing about how to change my TSH level with my own habits, like upping my exercise and eating smaller portions. I’ve been doing that for a while now, and I’m wondering if that had anything to do with this.

Either way, I’ve been told to cut down to once a week on that extra half a pill, which I will do. I’m SO close to the normal range.

I could have all the fertility treatments in the world – if my TSH is out of whack, there will be no baby.