TTC Timeline

4.11 – Adios, BCP. It was a nice 15-year ride.

6.11 – My thyroid endocrinologist tells me I’m no longer allowed to TTC until futher notice, because my TSH is too  high (8).

8.11 – TSH comes back down (2), I’d try if I could, but my OB asks me to wait one more cycle just to be sure. Unfortunately my cycles are 41 days long. We try anyway.

10.11 – After an 82-day cycle, I can’t take it anymore, put on Provera, recommended to RE.

11.11 – Meet with RE, does US, diagnosis: anovulation, with “PCOS characteristics”. Told to wait one more cycle.

11.11 – Husband goes for SA. Gets a standing ovation.

12.11 – Cycle never ends, get Provera again.

1.12 – Clomid Round 1, 50 mg. Ovulation! BFN.

2.12/3.12 – Clomid Round 2, 50 mg. No ovulation. Dr. recommends “Stair stepping”, and I start Clomid Round 3, 100 mg, without getting a Provera-induced period first. Ovulation! BFN.

4.12/5.12 – Clomid Round 4, 100 mg, no ovulation, stair-step to 150 mg (Round 5). Ovulation and my first IUI! BFN.

5.12 – Clomid Round 6, 150 mg, crazy side effects with no ovulation, and I refuse to stair-step up to 200 mg.

6.12 – Clomid is done – After 6 rounds, I only ovulated 3 times, only after stair-stepping. Each cycle was around 50 days long. On to injectables.

6.12-8.12 – Two rounds of injectables (Follistim) with two IUI’s – one from frozen sperm (Three eggs!) and one fresh (One egg only) – both BFN’s.

9.12 – Consultation with doctor regarding IVF.

10.12 – First IVF cycle.


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